ENS 410064 Tópicos Especiais: Python for environmental applications

Nome  Tópicos Especiais: Python for environmental applications (Python para aplicações ambientais)
Código ENS410064
Ementa The course offers Python programming fundamentals for environmental scientists and engineers. Following the introduction to scientific computing, students are exposed to relevant tools of data input, data analysis and post-processing, the latter including advanced plotting and visualisation. In addition to a range of scientific methods such as the equation solving and optimisation, data interpolation, numerical and symbolic integration, basics of environmental modelling, we study how to couple Python with other programs used in the environmental practice (e.g. GIS or modelling software).

By the successful completion of the course students will be capable of:

  • using existing Python modules and creating their own scripts to analyse and effectively present field, laboratory and modelling data,
  • setting up basic models to improve understanding of environmental processes (contaminant decay and transport, global carbon cycle)
  • advanced interacting with other specialist software (GIS or modelling tools)